Monday, April 18, 2011

The long silence!

Now that the silence is Unlocked
Thoughts of you flood me,
Drench and drown me.

Here I stand under the moonlight
Silence pounding in my ears

Sunday, April 17, 2011

You are

Like my God.
Invisible and always in my thoughts.

Like my mother tongue.
Guiding what I say.

Like my religion
Paving my path.

You have a power over me

Like the gravity
Keeping me grounded.

Like the moon
Taking over my focus.

You my angel
Your touch bathed my every action. 

My heart

My heart is full...
With hope of a new rain,
Of sunshine and Full moons.

My heart is full...
With hope of a new rainbow,
Of large sea ahead of me,
Tides dancing to a rhythm of rise and fall.

My heart is full...
with a new rise and a new fall.

My heart is full...
Hopeful of a new life
A new hand to hold
A new path to take
A new experience
Of new happiness,
Of new pain.