Monday, November 9, 2009

Camel's thirst

Butterfly dances and Dolphin songs
With all the random things coming along

If it is warm here, It's cold there
If it is day here, the day feels like night there

Monkey's grace, and Tiger's extinction
Random Irony... the prolongation

Nothing much changes here
Time zones are off; there
moody hours tick slower and run faster there
where as even time is a routine here

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Waking life...

Happy to Just lay there and dream
With memories of life, high spirited and free
Twinkling eyes, hands held tight and smiling at thee

Happy to lay there and dream…
About the times when you said you love me
Of the walks under lust red of a sinking sun
The truth of the emotion within your eyes

My Dreams; Warm blue sky with an early sunrise ablaze
My wake; Still with an aching yearn for the hiding moon.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Snake swallowed me Last night...

Crammed up in a dark slimy bag
With sound of ocean in my ears

Either sides of my body pressed together;
Making me move Forward or backward I am unaware

Snorty slime succesfull in keeping my eyes shut
Blocking my senses, knocking me to near unconscious state

Sleaze making my body slippery
Awake and Grossed out

Ooze causing me to slip further
There is movement only not by me

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Anybody Home ???

I have forgotten what it is
So young was I when I left laugh and peace
Now and then when I look at myself in the mirror
I feel shaken, my face reminding me of horror
Laugh is like skin
Peace is brought by kin
I have neither
I stay in this house not even knowing my neighbour
I must say I love to be a host
But who would like to visit a GHOST ?

Where it all began...

Sad little deer licking her wounds
Caused by a dangerous hound
Chance, sensed the cunning bear
Worked to make the deer believe it was near and dear
Deer all believing and dreaming
walked in to the set trap Humming and crooning

This is where the excitement began
For the merciless bear, poor little tried all and ran
The set trap was the powerful emotions
In spite of running miles the end was absolute demolition
There again sat the sad little deer licking wounds
This time caused by the beloved deer not the hound.

This is total fiction, I wrote for a library competition in marredpally in 1996 and won a set of mills and boon novels !!!


Est-ce qu'il y a un matin?
Il y a quelque chose comme un Jour ?
Puis-je le voir de la montagne ?
Si j'étais aussi grande qu'elle ?

Est-ce qu'il a les pieds commes les fleurs d'eau ?
Ou les plumes comme un oiseau
Est-ce qu'on l'achète du pays très connu
que je n'ai jamais entendu

Oh!!! Qui conque ! Oh marin ! Oh érudit
Oh le savant du ciel
S'il te plait dis à la pauvre
Où est le lieu appelé "MATIN"

Speaking of dreams

To the dreams that came as love's envoy
what rare feast shall I employ ?
At my bidding, if my slanting eyes will close,
My sufferings to my love I will disclose
From whom in waking hours I receive
No hope, in dreams I see and so I live.
The dream seeks out and makes me see with joy.
Thus he who does not seek me I enjoy
what I saw in day time, sweet it seemed
it was still sweet when in my sleep I dreamed
If there were no waking hours apart
In dreams my love will never from me depart
Cruel and unkind in waking hours he seems
why should he then torment me in my dreams
When I sleep he is in my arms, I find
and when I wake he runs to fill my mind
who do not see in their dreams their lovers face
in waking hours do not miss their loving embrace
Those who not see him visit me in dreams
In waking hours say "he left me" it seems.

My childhood

I saw children running in those wonderful meadows
Trying to catch their own shadows
Have I ever been that age ?
or have I missed it in so small a range
Didn't I want to prepare "Rubber steeds"
paw up against the light and do such and more strange deeds
Summer nights, Thinking how to my future make
Thought that precious mornings would always keep the beauty of hope awake
Things I didn't know were so closely wed
with all my childhood fantasies along with my childhood forgotten and dead.

I wrote this when I was not allowed to go watch HUM HAI RAHI PYAR KE movie it was released a day before my social studies half yearly exam, and My mom believed that having any kind of fun during exams was a SIN. Of course after reading this poem my mom cried and thought she was harrasing me and took me to watch that movie straight after the exam next day.


If I were a butterfly I would have loved all the lovers I saw
Each is different each is novel and I meant to know them all
Some find me lovely others find me bitchy
And I want to give my love to all.

If I were a jasmine
I definitely would not have restricted my beauty
or perfume to just one reluctant bee
I could have given and given all of me
to every one and no one would have called me a nasty little jasmine.

If I were a nightingale
I could have sung for everyone who loved me or cared for me-
I need not choke myself with love for just one busy squirrel
I would have sung sung and sung my soul every night

But being a woman my needs are more
Than a butterfly a jasmine or a nightingale
And I give up mu entire being for a comfortable home and convenient life
I'll clip my wings rip my blooms and stop my music
All for a life living with you.

But GOD if only My needs were simple like those of
the Butterfly or the Jasmine or the silly little Nightingale.

Dozen a Dime

Thousands maybe millions of stars lit the night sky,
until their pulsating glow seems a living presence
and seems as if they are stating life's essence
when we wish up on a star,
its always about healing a stale scar
Are the wishes out there some where in pinprick lights
and if they are and we see them might
But aren't our dreams so much stars like
unsure whether real or fake
because whenever we discover new dreams
Among which very few we recognise.

Spookiee !!!!

I woke up in my private place
With a pillow in my tight embrace
wondered what could be the time
Ding dong ding dong sang the chime
Indicating L'heure midnight
Breeze dancing in the room in spite of the windows shut so tight...
Heard a wolf with its neck held high so loudly cry
Then saw a shadow in the whitest sari pass by
Mon Dieu !!! screamed me...
Trying to struggle free
As some thing pinned me down while the shadow was walking this way
Asking me to with my life pay
't was the darkest night
No aid even from the moon light
A less lofty strangeness crept
As if from me; I was completely left...
It was a time for a "quick decision"
'bout whether or not I was superstitious
What could I have said utmost ?
Ye....esss was the last word silently formed on my lips

My parents went out of town for three days and me and my bro had to stay home alone, My bro is super courageous unlike me and I was always the scapegoat of his practical jokes. He covered a huge helium balloon with my mom's white sari and left it in my room... I thought it was a GHOST.

Chaque Jour...

Chaque jour que je te vois
Je te souris
Je te pense
Je te ressens au près de moi

Chaque jour que je marche avec toi
Je te parle
Je t'écoute
Je rêve avec toi

Chaque jour où je t'aime
Je te donne le monde
Je te donne ma vie
Je te donne moi
Je cède devant toi.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Petrified !!!

You rise and fall
Your blue belly throbs with life
mimicking my breathing
While I try to calm myself

You rise and fall
your surface a welcoming serenity
life in you carries on
while my life throbs with a dull ache

You rise and fall
Today you respond to the full moon
You are both smiling at each other
while you rise up to him and he bows down to you

You rise and fall
my dreams as wet wild patterns on my cheeks
I silently urge you to teach me the patience to wait
while you dance with the delight of seeing your beloved

You rise and fall
My breathing now hiccups
You rise higher falling with more rush.
Creating a beautiful ruckus,
While drenching the sand around announcing your Ecstasy

You rise and fall
Your divine dance more and more intense
as you mock me
You rise and fall
Happy now that you know
I can't even see him once every fortnight,

You rise and fall
While I cry a sea
My heart heaving like your belly
My breathing matching the rhythm of your RISE and FALL
My sobs hushing up the noise of your dance.

Nothing can distract you
As You rise and fall
Like you don't care.

You rise and fall
while my tear containing organs, fill and empty...
With each of your RISE AND FALL.

Monday, April 6, 2009

“Learn to love the living Than mourn the dead forever”

She was hit…
A slap so rough
Still resounding, in her ears
Turning her dark cheek red enough

She didn’t cry
Death is a comedy
She repeats among shirt crisp sighs

She looks wounded
On her heart lay her little son’s hand
Her dreams of future are being towed
Two set of eyes, telling the same story.

She didn’t cry
When her son asked
“Momma where is that magic wand
You use when dada plays dead”

They all come to peep into her eyes
To see how she is coping
She has her head turned
Away from the probing intruders
Silently pleading to not read the answers concealed.

She didn’t cry
Death is permanent
She says among shirt crisp sighs

She is now bleeding
Pain of lost love
Unceasing questions forcing her to grow up
Turning 51 at 24 is magical

And there was her slap so TIGHT
As its better to feel pain than nothing at all
The pain of the tough lesson
She still didn’t cry
And repeats her lesson among shirt crisp sighs

“Learn to love the living
Than mourn the dead forever”

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sun days

A little sanity in utter chaos

Buzz buzz and more buzz
Under my pillow,
Oblivious to the message, the ring and the alarm;

Hints of summer mornings,
Marking my forehead with warm sweat,

Sun ready to take off in his fast car
After keeping frustratingly silent,
Ready with his angry darts sharpened,
Strong intentions to no more miss the bull’s-eye

Horns aimed; snorting hot waves
Fiercely lashing
Charging into my window
Creating flashy light
And raising dust behind him.

Though still at the horizon
Messengers rushing ahead of him
Announcing his hasty arrival
And spreading gossips of his fiery aura

Hints of summer mornings,
Buzz buzz and more buzz
Sweat making patterns on my pillow,

I wake up to a man,
A priest; arrayed in white clothes
Perfumed by jasmine,
Bow made of a mango branch.


Monday, February 2, 2009

శాష్టంగా నమస్కారాలు

శాష్టంగా నమస్కారాలు

నా జనానికి కారణ మూర్తి

నా మాతృ దేవత కి

శాష్టంగా నమస్కారాలు అర్పిస్తున్నా

నా ఆలోచనలకు ఓనమాలు దిద్దిన

పిత్రు మహాను లకు

శాష్టంగా నమస్కారాలు

నా జీవనానికి డిక్ సూచీ

పతి పరమేశునకు

శాష్టంగా నమస్కారాలు

ఈ సమాజానికి గొంతు గా మారిన

నా సహోదరునికి

నా జీవితం నాకు మటుకే కాదు

తన కొరకు కూడా

అని పిలిస్తున్నదుకు

ఆహ అరుస్తున్న

నాఅంతరంగానికి శాష్టంగా నమస్కారాలు ...

కోటి అభివన్ ద నాలు.

బాంబు ఎ

రగులుతోంది కడుపులో

గుండెలు అడురుతున్నై

ఉహాలు చేడురుతున్నై

ఆలోచనలను అదుపు తప్పిస్తున్నై

మనసు ఆర్రు త లూగి

రంగ మేక్కిస్తున్నైగుండె దడ ని

నా అనుభవానికి తోచని ఆలోచనలు

మల్లి మల్లి నన్నఉ చుట్టూ ముడుతున్నై

ఇది కాదు కదా నా సమాజం ???

లేక ఇదేనా నేను ఎంచుకున్న అరాచకం ??

దేశాన్ని చెల్లా చెదురు చేసి

కుక్కులు చింపిన విస్తర ఈన నాగరికత ?

బాంబు ఆ మన ఆధునికం

దిక్కు తోచని పరిస్థితి...

రగులుతోంది కడుపులో

గుండెలు అడురుతున్నై

ఉహాలు చేడురుతున్నై