Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Petrified !!!

You rise and fall
Your blue belly throbs with life
mimicking my breathing
While I try to calm myself

You rise and fall
your surface a welcoming serenity
life in you carries on
while my life throbs with a dull ache

You rise and fall
Today you respond to the full moon
You are both smiling at each other
while you rise up to him and he bows down to you

You rise and fall
my dreams as wet wild patterns on my cheeks
I silently urge you to teach me the patience to wait
while you dance with the delight of seeing your beloved

You rise and fall
My breathing now hiccups
You rise higher falling with more rush.
Creating a beautiful ruckus,
While drenching the sand around announcing your Ecstasy

You rise and fall
Your divine dance more and more intense
as you mock me
You rise and fall
Happy now that you know
I can't even see him once every fortnight,

You rise and fall
While I cry a sea
My heart heaving like your belly
My breathing matching the rhythm of your RISE and FALL
My sobs hushing up the noise of your dance.

Nothing can distract you
As You rise and fall
Like you don't care.

You rise and fall
while my tear containing organs, fill and empty...
With each of your RISE AND FALL.

Monday, April 6, 2009

“Learn to love the living Than mourn the dead forever”

She was hit…
A slap so rough
Still resounding, in her ears
Turning her dark cheek red enough

She didn’t cry
Death is a comedy
She repeats among shirt crisp sighs

She looks wounded
On her heart lay her little son’s hand
Her dreams of future are being towed
Two set of eyes, telling the same story.

She didn’t cry
When her son asked
“Momma where is that magic wand
You use when dada plays dead”

They all come to peep into her eyes
To see how she is coping
She has her head turned
Away from the probing intruders
Silently pleading to not read the answers concealed.

She didn’t cry
Death is permanent
She says among shirt crisp sighs

She is now bleeding
Pain of lost love
Unceasing questions forcing her to grow up
Turning 51 at 24 is magical

And there was her slap so TIGHT
As its better to feel pain than nothing at all
The pain of the tough lesson
She still didn’t cry
And repeats her lesson among shirt crisp sighs

“Learn to love the living
Than mourn the dead forever”