Tuesday, May 5, 2009


If I were a butterfly I would have loved all the lovers I saw
Each is different each is novel and I meant to know them all
Some find me lovely others find me bitchy
And I want to give my love to all.

If I were a jasmine
I definitely would not have restricted my beauty
or perfume to just one reluctant bee
I could have given and given all of me
to every one and no one would have called me a nasty little jasmine.

If I were a nightingale
I could have sung for everyone who loved me or cared for me-
I need not choke myself with love for just one busy squirrel
I would have sung sung and sung my soul every night

But being a woman my needs are more
Than a butterfly a jasmine or a nightingale
And I give up mu entire being for a comfortable home and convenient life
I'll clip my wings rip my blooms and stop my music
All for a life living with you.

But GOD if only My needs were simple like those of
the Butterfly or the Jasmine or the silly little Nightingale.

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