Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spookiee !!!!

I woke up in my private place
With a pillow in my tight embrace
wondered what could be the time
Ding dong ding dong sang the chime
Indicating L'heure midnight
Breeze dancing in the room in spite of the windows shut so tight...
Heard a wolf with its neck held high so loudly cry
Then saw a shadow in the whitest sari pass by
Mon Dieu !!! screamed me...
Trying to struggle free
As some thing pinned me down while the shadow was walking this way
Asking me to with my life pay
't was the darkest night
No aid even from the moon light
A less lofty strangeness crept
As if from me; I was completely left...
It was a time for a "quick decision"
'bout whether or not I was superstitious
What could I have said utmost ?
Ye....esss was the last word silently formed on my lips

My parents went out of town for three days and me and my bro had to stay home alone, My bro is super courageous unlike me and I was always the scapegoat of his practical jokes. He covered a huge helium balloon with my mom's white sari and left it in my room... I thought it was a GHOST.

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