Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My childhood

I saw children running in those wonderful meadows
Trying to catch their own shadows
Have I ever been that age ?
or have I missed it in so small a range
Didn't I want to prepare "Rubber steeds"
paw up against the light and do such and more strange deeds
Summer nights, Thinking how to my future make
Thought that precious mornings would always keep the beauty of hope awake
Things I didn't know were so closely wed
with all my childhood fantasies along with my childhood forgotten and dead.

I wrote this when I was not allowed to go watch HUM HAI RAHI PYAR KE movie it was released a day before my social studies half yearly exam, and My mom believed that having any kind of fun during exams was a SIN. Of course after reading this poem my mom cried and thought she was harrasing me and took me to watch that movie straight after the exam next day.

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