Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Speaking of dreams

To the dreams that came as love's envoy
what rare feast shall I employ ?
At my bidding, if my slanting eyes will close,
My sufferings to my love I will disclose
From whom in waking hours I receive
No hope, in dreams I see and so I live.
The dream seeks out and makes me see with joy.
Thus he who does not seek me I enjoy
what I saw in day time, sweet it seemed
it was still sweet when in my sleep I dreamed
If there were no waking hours apart
In dreams my love will never from me depart
Cruel and unkind in waking hours he seems
why should he then torment me in my dreams
When I sleep he is in my arms, I find
and when I wake he runs to fill my mind
who do not see in their dreams their lovers face
in waking hours do not miss their loving embrace
Those who not see him visit me in dreams
In waking hours say "he left me" it seems.

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